Olderfleet   Melbourne, Australia

Creating an exclusive office building for Melbourne’s CBD, this project creates approximately 58,000 square metres of premium-grade commercial space while integrating with its urban and heritage setting.

Set back from three heritage-listed buildings in Collins Street, collectively known as the Olderfleet Buildings, the 38-storey office tower rises in a configuration of modules that express the internal organisation of the building.

The tenant-focused design incorporates a ‘vertical village’ concept, with the tower split into three separate neighbourhoods which respond to specific tenant requirements providing them with a unique identity within the overall building.

Three expansive client floors with generous floor to floor heights and recessed external terraces are introduced between the neighbourhoods, further breaking down the mass of the tower and delineating vertical tenant neighbourhoods within the building.

At ground level, a permeable face to Collins Street creates an active urban frontage that leads to a light-filled lobby and atrium while providing a through-site connection to Flinders Lane.

The resulting high-performance, thoughtful design will be a valuable asset to Melbourne’s workplace architecture.

Integrating state-of-the-art technology, sustainability features and amenities, Olderfleet will be one of Australia’s leading smart buildings while integrating with its heritage setting.


The initial design for Olderfleet was the result of an internal design charrette, which produced four distinct concepts from Grimshaw's London, New York, Melbourne and Sydney offices.

"It was a two week design process and was a great chance to showcase Grimshaw’s international reach and diverse architectural solutions. Four very different designs were generated from the same practice and all held true to Grimshaw ideologies."

Sir Nicholas Grimshaw

Melbourne, Australia

Project Type
Workplace →


58,000 sq m

170 m