333 George Street   Sydney, Australia

Providing offices and retail at the intersection of Regimental Square, George Street and Martin Place, this sculptured crystalline building is a workplace animated by light and transparency and an elegant landmark reflective of its significant heritage setting.

Rising 18-storeys, the building is enveloped by a fully glazed façade, and its cantilevered floor plates progressively increase in curvature at the corners, providing engagement with the diagonal views across the public space.

This subtle shift in profile culminates in a series of cascading landscaped terraces that extend the workplace and capture its prospect over Martin Place and George Street.

With highly efficient floorplates and minimal internal structural columns designed for interconnectivity, a workplace is intended to service a multiplicity of tenants. Here, the mix of individual workspaces and neighbourhoods within the building will catalyse a community of professionals in the heart of the cities emerging financial district.

At street level, the retail base is defined by a sequence of three storey high fluted sandstone columns, extending the stone craftsmanship that has given such distinction to the heritage buildings.

The design delivers an elegant building where the constraints of the site are realised as distinct features which combine to provide a workplace of unique amenity and identity that reflects the character and distinction of its prominent locale.

Andrew Cortese, Partner, Grimshaw

Sydney, Australia

Project Type
Workplace →

Charter Hall

Office: 12,500 sqm ; Retail: 2,100 sqm



Justin Mackintosh / Mackintosh Photography