Highpoint Shopping Centre   Melbourne, Australia

Forming a light and permeable retail precinct, this 30,000 sq m extension includes two new malls and brings a fresh approach to the large-scale shopping complex.

The design challenges existing retail conventions by reversing the typically inward-looking arrangement, and instead forges connections with the surrounding environment, landscape and community. Natural daylight and ventilation is incorporated through generous ETFE skylights and operable louvres on the façades.

The crescent-shaped Fashion Mall contrasts with comparable rectilinear mall arrangements. Its curving plan creates views that unfold as visitors pass through the space.

Built of timber, the Eco Mall is arranged in a more organic form. Its undulating shape responds to constraints of the site and incorporates bespoke timber and bluestone seating.

Furniture winds through the mall and extends inside and out, creating a connection between new and existing buildings.

The surrounding public realm is united by extensive and thoughtful landscaping that achieves sustainable design solutions and includes rainwater collection and swales for surface water treatment. This ensures the project's elegance is matched with a similarly high standard of sustainable design.

Reflecting the cultural fabric of its surroundings the project provides a meaningful customer experience, and creates an affinity with its western suburban clientele.

Melbourne, Australia

Project Type
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Highpoint Property Group, GPT Wholesale Shopping Centre Fund, The GPT Group

30,000 sq m



Peter Bennetts, Cameron Conwell