Melbourne Airport Elevated Road and Forecourt   Melbourne, Australia

In line with Melbourne Airport’s vision to create a seamless traveller journey, the Elevated Road and Forecourt project will significantly improve the airport landside experience for arriving and departing passengers, visitors and staff.

In response to multiple constraints, the current pick-up and drop-off facilities for Terminals 1,2 and 3 will be relocated away from the inconvenient elevated road and into a new transport hub within the existing carpark, directly opposite the International Terminal T2.

Passengers being dropped off will be greeted by a new gateway canopy that will form the airport’s ‘front door’ and lead to the reconfigured forecourt.

A new ‘orientation space’ will create an active public realm connecting all three terminals, leading off a new 19m wide pedestrian bridge, taking flows over traffic lanes and directly into the terminal.

This project will result in fundamentally changed movement patterns for both arriving and departing passengers. Traffic will be moved away from the terminal façade and forecourt allowing for potential future terminal expansions.

“This project is a major congestion-buster and when complete will deliver a huge change in how passengers experience their drop off at Melbourne Airport”

Lorie Argus, CEO of Melbourne Airport

Melbourne, Australia

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