Noida International Airport   Delhi, India

The design of the airport terminal merges Swiss efficiency and Indian hospitality, as it provides a seamless passenger experience and sets new benchmarks in sustainability for airport terminal buildings in India.

All users of the airport, including the airlines that will use it as a base, want, perhaps above all else, to feel that it is a well organised machine: safe; reliable; efficient and punctual. Meeting these minimum requirements allows the airport’s users to relax, creating the opportunity for enjoyment in the moment. It is here that the sense of warmth and generosity that is so particular to Indian hospitality has the potential to elevate the experience of all airport users into something genuinely rewarding and memorable.

For us this means: creating an airport with a unique identity that is unmistakably of its place; providing attractive landside spaces to dwell in with, colleagues, friends and family at departure or arrival, or whilst using the multi-modal interchange for interstate-travel; making all passenger journeys clear, intuitive and convenient; supporting the integration of digital technologies that ease passenger stress; providing a range of retail that offers convenience and delight for a wide array of target audiences; and creating spaces that people love to inhabit by the integration of natural light and landscape throughout the passenger journey.

The design solutions for NIA aim to deliver a truly net zero carbon project, minimising energy demand through a combination of intelligently integrated passive design elements, that are responsive to the local climate and that understand human behaviour, whilst coordinating carefully with the overall on-site renewable power generation that is planned by the wider masterplanning team.

Delhi, India

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Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL)