JFK International Airport Master Plan   New York, USA

The JFK International Airport Master Plan to redevelop the airport into a world-class 21st century airport is being led by Grimshaw and Mott MacDonald.

The revitalization plan will result in new terminal complexes on both the south and north sides of the airport. To the south, Terminals 1 and 2 will be replaced with a new 2.7-million-square-feet terminal served by 23 international gates. On the north side, a new 1.2-million-square-feet terminal will connect to the existing Terminal 5 and offer 12 international gates, each able to serve larger wide-body aircrafts. Other expansion projects include a 16-gate expansion for Terminal 4 and a 3-gate expansion at Terminal 8.

The plan also includes a centralized ground transportation center that incorporates a new commercial development at the heart of the airport. The entire road network serving the terminals have been redesigned, allowing easier access to the terminals and accommodating increased capacity for curbside requirements.

Highway improvements are also planned to ease bottlenecks and reduce travel time from midtown Manhattan and provide an enhanced experience along the journey to the airport.

“This historic investment to modernize JFK Airport and the surrounding transportation network will not only ease travel through this major hub, but it will ensure JFK joins the ranks as one of the finest airports in the world.”

-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

As part of this assignment, the team has developed a comprehensive "One JFK" document - a key aspirational component of a suite of documents outlining a unified vision for the airport, focusing on the physical components of a world class airport. The team is also engaged in development of new brand identity of the airport that goes beyond JFK, by defining a strategy and visual identity system that creates three modern, timeless, and world class brands for the PANYNJ airports.

Signage strategy for the entire airport is being re-designed as well, by integrating smart solutions that facilitate intuitive wayfinding through all the terminals and various modes of transport. Other key aspects of the masterplan include landscape design, Airtrain customer experience, and redefining every aspect of passenger journey.

New York, USA

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