Port Lands Bridges   Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Grimshaw is the Lead Designer for three new bridges over the redirected Don River mouth in Toronto. The new Cherry Street North Bridge, Cherry Street South Bridge and Commissioners Street Bridge are part of the Waterfront Toronto revitalization program and will create a memorable gateway for those visiting the newly created Villiers Island precinct. 

The refined design for the family of arch bridges uses bent steel plates that follow the compressive forces and wrap over the carriageways to create a monumental gateway for those arriving and leaving Villiers Island by car, tramway, bicycle or on foot.

While each bridge is unique and custom-designed to purpose, a thoughtful ‘kit of parts’ system contributes towards a shared identity of key design elements in order to imbue a consistent aesthetic that reinforces cohesion throughout this new community.

Celebrating the crossing of the river, the bridges project promises ambitions beyond just utility by providing opportunities to delight and thrill. Creating new physical links to and within Toronto’s Port Lands marks an occasion to unlock new development opportunities and to inspire people for decades to come.

The Cherry Street South bridge includes separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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