Newport Station Bridge   Newport, South Wales, UK

Designed to sensitively integrate with a complex urban context, the unique pedestrian and cycle bridge forms a vital crossing over the Great Western Mainline Railway in Newport City, encourages active travel and provides much improved connectivity for local communities.

The bridge is expressed as two distinct and contrasting parts – a pair of dark grey, steel plated structures that span over the railway and a lightweight ramp that neatly stitches into the surrounding context. The whole 230m long structure is unified by a continuous ribbon of bright orange flooring, giving the bridge a bold and unique identity.

The two steel U-frame structures gently arc over each of the railway tracks and are distinguished by an array of stiffener plates that vary in profile along the span, resulting in a playful wave-form on the parapet faces. The sculptural quality of the dark grey steelwork compliments the Victorian ironwork of the existing platform canopies below. The bridge parapet rises above 1.8m at mid-span to meet Network Rail safety requirements and is splayed outwards to maximise the sense of openness within the deck.

"We are delighted to have worked alongside Arup to design a new, modern foot and cycle bridge for Newport City. The bridge is a vital, sustainable transport link and a new piece of public realm. We are pleased to continue Grimshaw’s legacy of transformational infrastructure projects in Newport City."

Chris Patience, Principal, Grimshaw

A sinuous ramp threads neatly through each of the bridge structures, connecting varying street levels on either side – its slim, steel deck is distinguished by a sense of lightness and simplicity. The ramp is lined on either side by an array of tapered vertical steel fins, giving the ramp a finer scale of detail and maximising visibility for all users. Where the ramp changes direction, an acute radius has been incorporated to slow down cyclists when turning corners, ensuring safety of the bridge is not compromised by combining walking and cycling.

The ramp integrates with the surrounding context to transform a neglected site into a new open public realm The multi-functional, amphitheatre-like space could be used for a variety of activities, such as performance, exhibitions or temporary events.

The hard landscaping comprises bands of light and dark grey granite that also form a continuous line of planters and seating. At night, uplighters illuminate the reflective ramp soffits, while the floor deck is lit by low energy LED lighting recessed into handrails.

The bridge deck has been designed to be prefabricated off-site and craned into place in two pieces, significantly reducing possession time of the railway and construction impact on existing station buildings.

Newport, South Wales, UK

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