Puna’auia Cultural and Conference Centre   Tahiti, French Polynesia

The Puna’auia Cultural and Conference Centre in Tahiti, is proposed as a place which celebrates the culture, arts and crafts and natural environment of Polynesia, sitting within the biodiverse landscape of the largest of the islands. In collaboration with Parc architectes and A.maramarama, Grimshaw's design, as part of public competition, takes its cue from the centre’s immediate context and the topography of the land. On the lower part of the site sits the conferencing area ― a multifunction hall and two conference rooms, while on the upper part, affording views across to the ocean is the theatres, composed of three halls.

Linking the two sites together, at the heart of the project, is a plaza and a paepae ― a traditional meeting and gathering space. Surrounded by dense vegetation, open to the sky and stars and ‘wrapped’ by the typography of the site, this space is intended to be the home of an outdoor programme linking the two active parts of the centre. Running throughout the whole site is a series of paths which guide visitors through the spaces, in and out of the conference and show halls. The flowing roof structure emulates this movement, creating a distinct rhythm to the site, and expressing the sounds of the events and entertainment at the centre.

The winner of the public design competition was announced in 2021.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Project Type
Culture and Exhibition Halls →

Grands Projets de Polynésie



Associate Architect
Parc architectes, A.maramarama