Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science   Miami, FL, USA

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science brings together an aquarium, planetarium and science museum onto one campus in downtown Miami, Florida’s Museum Park.


The complex of four buildings is situated in an open-armed stance, inviting visitors to navigate their way amongst them while opening up the building to the outdoors.

The shapes of each building are dynamic and varied, sculpted to take advantage of ocean breezes and plentiful sun. The ensemble is united by a soft white colour palette expressed through a variety of materials that create unique patterns and shadows across the building’s facade.

The bar-shaped buildings of the north and west wings are clad in a faceted, pixelated geometrical texture that allows the passage of the sun to animate the buildings across daylight hours. The aquarium, more organic in shape, is nestled between the wings, appearing in shape as a water droplet from above and not unlike the prow of a ship when approached from the ground.

The planetarium, spherical in shape, completes the site. The museum brings science and discovery to Miami residents and visitors alike in a fresh, inspired setting.

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An open air courtyard area connects the world at large to the science exhibits within, and reinforces the museum’s ties to both the city skyline and nearby marine habitats in Biscayne Bay.

To echo the sentiments of many in the community, it has been a privilege to have been part of this journey, bringing science and true contemplation of the world around us into the heart of vibrant, ever-changing downtown Miami.

Vincent Chang, Partner, Grimshaw

Miami, FL, USA

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Miami Science Museum

250,000 sq ft



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