Articles Grimshaw operates as a carbon neutral company for the second year running

International architecture practice Grimshaw, a signatory of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), has disclosed its annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for 2021 → and announced its status as a carbon neutral company for the second year running. 

In line with SBTi the practice pledged a 50% reduction of its 2019 scope 1 and 2 baselines and committed to measure and set targets against its scope 3 emissions.

In 2021 carbon emissions for the practice’s operations across all its studios, were half those of 2020, this was, in part, attributed to the reduction in the practice’s energy consumption as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, and high numbers of employees working from home. Recognising this impact the practice conducted a global employee survey, collecting data on the modes of transport taken by its employees when commuting, as well as recording the number of days spent working from home (calculating potential energy consumption outside of practice premises). This data, alongside business travel and other scope 3 emissions was used to recalculate the emissions and provide results reflective of the period.

“The practice is increasingly, by closely managing its data, able to create real opportunities to reduce its emissions. However, we know that more can be done and, across 2022, as part of our commitment to SBTi, we are measuring our material supply chain emissions with a plan to disclose the results and set targets. We know that aligning ourselves with like-minded companies through the UN Race to Zero, WGBC and SBTi also demands more cross industry collaboration and ambition to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency.”

Paul Toyne, Sustainability Director, Grimshaw.

The results published by Grimshaw support the ongoing commitment of the practice to demonstrate leadership and action as the industry continues to respond to the climate and biodiversity challenge. The practice’s 2021 results also exceed Grimshaw’s commitment made as part of the World Green Building Council Advancing Net Zero Commitment →. GHG emissions reported for 2021 were offset to achieve carbon neutral operations for the practice. This has been carried out through investments into a nature-based carbon project in partnership with Climate Impact Partners.

In 2019 the practice set targets to deliver to design net zero carbon ready buildings and infrastructure by 2025 and to deliver socially and environmentally regenerative buildings by 2030. In the past year Grimshaw also became a signatory of ConcreteZero, as well as continuing to commit to action as part of Architects Declare and Responsible Steel. The practice now operates across eight studios and has instigated mandatory sustainability training and a professional development programme for its 650 employees.