Articles 2023 Breakfast Talks launched with Rone on the Impermanence of Art

Grimshaw’s Melbourne studio recently launched its 2023 Breakfast Talk series with Rone on the Impermanence of Art.

Rone is a Melbourne-based artist who explores the synergetic relationship between beauty and decay. His ability to traverse genres and capture a broad and curious audience was demonstrated with the Breakfast Talk launch being fully booked in just a few days.

Over the past two decades, Rone has established an international reputation for his distinctive large-scale portraits and hauntingly atmospheric multimedia installations which, since 2016, have been realised on an increasingly ambitious scale.

At our Breakfast Talk, Rone generously shared his approach to his multi-faceted practice by presenting a behind-the-scenes look at his most recent and celebrated exhibition, Time.

Time is an epic takeover of Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station, with 11 rooms across the disused upper level of the city’s oldest railway station transformed into a mid-century time capsule.

Using photographic references, Rone created a vision for each room, with a nod to the building’s history and Melbourne’s industrial downtown in the mid-1900s. Each room, which includes a typing pool, library, art room and a classroom, references the toil of the working class and the tools and machinery of a forgotten era.

Through his sensitive, detailed transformations of derelict and forgotten spaces, Rone invites audiences to engage in richly sensory experiences that present intriguing fictional histories and explore the divergent themes of beauty and decay, materiality and loss.

When I visited the extraordinary exhibition ‘Time’, I was impressed by Rone’s ability to create rich and tangible narrative journeys, working across room sized canvases with a meticulous attention to craft and detail. It was an honour to have Rone share his practice with our Breakfast Talk audience.

Neil Stonell, Managing Partner, Melbourne

Watch Rone's talk here.


The Breakfast Talk brought together past, present and future visions of Melbourne through the experience of art and architecture, with the celebration of Rone’s latest installation ‘Time’ at Flinders Street Station. The station is an iconic place in Melbourne, and the starting point for many visions for the city, including Grimshaw’s own designed in collaboration with John Wardle Architects for a state government design competition, which was shortlisted, and honoured with the People’s Choice Award.

Curated by Tava Darakamaran, the Breakfast Talk series is now in its seventh year.