Sustainability Grimshaw Sustainable and Regenerative Design Policy

Grimshaw believes in the need for a regenerative future. One in which we move beyond sustainability - which attempts to maintain the status quo – to where working collaboratively across disciplines we plan, design, build and construct in ways that promote positive planetary impacts helping to first restore and then regenerate. Through our work in master planning, industrial design, buildings and infrastructure we seek to have a net positive impact to our society and planet, supporting this regenerative future.

Grimshaw’s sustainable and regenerative design policy seeks to support this imperative.


Grimshaw has publicly committed to design and deliver socially and environmentally regenerative buildings and assets by 2030, and as a first step to reach this, to design to an outcome of net zero carbon/net zero carbon ready for all our design work by 2025.

Grimshaw recognises the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in providing a holistic framework through which we can measure improvements to both the natural world and society, and we are committed to measuring our design work against these goals.

Our strategy involves collaborating with clients and suppliers that share the same ambitions, upskilling and training our architects and designers, and partnering with research organisations and other groups to deliver our objectives.


- We commit to measuring the impact of our design work through the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

- We will prioritise clients that recognise the climate and biodiversity extinction emergency we face and the need for a sustainable and regenerative approach.

- We will incorporate evidence from the best available science and technology, whilst respecting planetary boundaries, to inform our target setting and design decisions.

- We will deploy our net zero carbon approach and the appropriate decarbonisation pathway on all our projects, seeking net zero carbon and, where possible carbon positive outcomes.

- As a minimum, we will also target net zero energy ready, water ready, and waste ready as design outcomes moving over time to net positive design outcomes.

- We will promote and explore options to enhance biodiversity on all our projects.

- We will ensure our architects and designers are properly equipped with the skills and expertise to deliver sustainable and regenerative design outcomes. Moreover, when we have control, we will select suppliers best equipped to deliver these outcomes.

- We will actively explore research opportunities and partnering with others who can contribute to delivering regenerative design outcomes.


This statement is made on behalf of the Grimshaw partnership and is implemented across all Grimshaw operations through procedures and guidance. This policy is reviewed and approved annually.

February 2023