RAC Regional Control Centre   Bristol, UK

Transforming an otherwise nondescript road-locked site near a major junction into a monumental statement, this highly visible building is a fitting response to house the RAC’s Regional Control Centre – an energy efficient, technologically advanced headquarter building that advertises the organisation’s qualities to motorway users.


Inside, three floors of office accommodation wrap around a full-height central atrium, overlooked by an inner ring of glazed meeting rooms. The building’s concentric triangular plan creates simple circulation routes and promotes communication between departments, illustrating Grimshaw’s commitment to create healthy, comfortable and efficient workplaces.

The building is almost entirely glazed, giving expansive views out and providing natural light for office users.

Glare is mediated by external silver-grey access walkways that also act as sun-shading louvres. The 35-metre-high meeting room cements the building’s singular presence: suspended from two blue steel spires, it can be seen from miles in the distance.

10 years on, Bradley Stoke continues to reflect the values of the RAC. The exterior is bold and challenging – a statement of the future. The interior stimulates interaction and teamwork, so that together we make a difference.

Peter Smith, Former Chairman, RAC

Bristol, UK

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Peter Cook / VIEW, Roger Ball