Qatar Civil Aviation Authority Headquarters   Doha, Qatar

Part of a master plan for New Doha International Airport City, this headquarters building for Qatar Civil Aviation Authority creates a gateway to the city’s Aviation Campus.

The project unites the QCAA’s five divisions of Air Transport, Air Safety, Air Navigation, Joint Services and Meteorology. Each department is housed in a petal-shaped suite of offices clustered around a central shared atrium.

Upper levels of the building house private office spaces for the different QCAA departments that are well lit and flexible in plan. Occupant comfort is enhanced with active chilled beam conditioning, sensitive acoustics and a computer-controlled external shading system.

Below grade, a podium is surrounded by sunken landscaped courtyards and provides parking and links to the citywide transit system as well as a connection to the Airport’s Visitor and Information Centre.

Shaped by the arid climate of Qatar, the project is enclosed by heat-reflecting ceramic panels with exterior shading and conservative use of glazing. Durable materials such as limestone and precast concrete protect against the harsh effects of sand and dust.

The building creates a distinctive new headquarters that provides a connected arrangement for the organisation within an energy efficient envelope.

Doha, Qatar

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New Doha International Airport City

40,000 sq m