Plexal Innovation Centre   London, UK

Plexal is a groundbreaking new innovation centre within the Here East campus. Located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Plexal covers 68,000 sq ft and is one of the largest innovation centres in Europe, meeting the needs of the capital's entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Following a swift 12-month design and build programme, Plexal is aligned with the legacy of the 2012 London Olympic Games, designed with sustainability, adaptability and wellbeing foremost in mind.

Inspired by the principals of urban planning, Grimshaw’s design emulates a cityscape that results in a layout including public and private spaces, streets, squares and civic areas. Spaces are designed to intersect and weave together contributing to a sense of community, but each zone has a distinct identity within the various quarters.

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Office spaces are formed using a high-performance ‘kit-of-parts’ partition system, which can be reconfigured to accommodate expanding and contracting businesses, or to set up new work areas.

The 'high street' layout offers a range of quiet and social areas including Legacy Place which is a contemplative place to work; while Monument Square is the bustling entrance for visitors, incorporating high-top flexible hot-desking spaces, a café zone and a 5m high green wall with screens streaming live business data.

"We're proud to build upon urban design principles and the insights from the world's best incubator spaces to provide an inspirational space dedicated to the entrepreneurial process."

Claire Cockerton, CEO, Plexal

London, UK

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68,000 sq ft



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