Homebase Superstore   Brentford, UK

Answering the need for a highly visible retail centre, the expansive 4,180 sq m Homebase Superstore in Brentford provides a large, column-free structure and maximises space for customer car parking.

The project hinges around a central 95.7 m long structural spine that extends beyond the length of the building, supported by a mast at the front and trestle to the rear.

From afar, the project is marked out by its 33-metre-tall tower, which supports the spine through steel tension rods and carries the Homebase sign.

A nod to the Gillette tower opposite, the unmissable tower also recalls the tradition of dramatic signage along London’s Great West Road. A barrel-vault roof light runs the entire length of the spine, introducing a strong slice of light into the interior. Natural daylighting is supplemented by roof lights integrated within each of the seven pairs of ‘wings’, which span outwards from the spine to V-shaped props.

In order to accommodate the high demand for car parking, the project includes a raised service deck that is open on all sides, avoiding the inherent difficulty of underground parking.

Brentford, UK

Project Type
Workplace →

Homebase Ltd

4,250 sq m



Jo Reid & John Peck