99-117 Islington Street   Melbourne, Australia

The design proposal for 99-117 Islington Street offers a unique response to the context of the existing site that comprises a 100-year-old warehouse within the evolving industrial cityscape of Collingwood, an inner suburb of Melbourne.

The built form of the proposed new workplace comprises two distinct 12-storey office buildings to provide more than 18,000sqm of flexible workspace.

These buildings rise from within a re-imaged warehouse form that honours the industrial heritage of the area, and pays homage to the warehouse typology through a robust external frame and utilitarian street address.

To attract and accommodate tenants and employees who are seeking highly flexible workspaces – and workplace cultures – the design incorporates outdoor breakout spaces and communal areas, flexible and adaptable floorplates, premium end-of-trip facilities, retail, and lobby spaces.

The health and wellbeing of the occupants is also a key part of the design vision, with the new workplace offering connection to outdoor amenities, including a roof terrace, and connected courtyards, as well as a high degree of natural ventilation, and access to daylight and community spaces.

Once complete, 99-117 Islington Street will provide a lively, engaging and innovative ‘creative warehouse’ for both its occupants and the broader Collingwood community.

In transforming the site into a contemporary workplace, the design responds to the industrial past of the warehouse while also seeking to recognise and honour its embedded history through the taxonomy and repurposing of its materials through a circular-economy design approach.

Melbourne, Australia

Project Type
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ANPLUS Developments

GFA 30,954sqm
NLA 18,195sqm