Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail   Sydney, Australia

Grimshaw is designing all 19 stops for Sydney's CBD and South East Light Rail scheme; one of New South Wales’ key catalysing urban infrastructure projects, connecting the central city with populous south east and enabling the ambition to increase residential density in and around the CBD.

Embracing principles of modern, minimal, elegant, and functional design the 19 stops will contribute to a world class passenger experience, acting as a stimulus for efficient intermodal public transport and as a place making driver.

Bronze has been selected as the primary cladding material for the stops’ canopies. An alloy of copper and tin, bronze is a noble material that has historic significance across the Sydney CBD.

When first installed, the bronze canopies will have a ‘bright penny’ appearance, which will gradually transform transforming with a rich, timeless patina; rapid at first then slowing to an imperceptible rate after several years’ exposure.

A ‘kit of parts’ has been created for the line wide component system, integrating a family of elements that includes canopies, integrated services, cabinets, totems and furniture.

The design methodology integrates CCTV & PA systems, smart card (Opal) technology, communications, signalling and customer information as well as strategies for locating and selecting equipment, lighting, materials and finishes. This integrated system will establish a unique identity for Sydney while offering climatic amenity and legible wayfinding.

Prototyping for the Light Rail stops is currently underway, showing off the distinct bronze cladding.

Sydney, Australia

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