Staircase for AMG Design   Long Island, NY, USA

Part of a commission to design a new factory for Architectural Metal & Glass, this striking staircase represents the company’s manufacturing capabilities as well as creating a memorable focus in their foyer.

The staircase is constructed from glass treads that are held between a series of full-height stainless steel cables. Tensioned in shallow arcs between floor and ceiling, the cables form an open stairwell that allow views through the structure. Its form transmits light into the modestly sized space while giving direct access to the upper level.

Both treads and cables are positioned to create moiré patterns that change in effect as visitors pass the design.

The careful positioning of components matches their equally precise fabrication: CNC milling was used to translate the parametrically designed elements directly. The arresting result attests to the client’s vision and expertise in metal and glazed structures.

Long Island, NY, USA

Project Type
Industrial Design →

AMG Design (Architectural Metal & Glass)

10,000 sq ft