Royal Dublin Society Anglesea Stand Redevelopment   Dublin, Ireland

The Royal Dublin Society (RDS) has long been a central column of Dublin and Ireland's cultural and sporting communities, and is known around the world. The RDS continues to improve and enhance its activities and fields of operation, and has tasked Grimshaw with redeveloping the Angelsea Stand to better support its rich variety of sporting events.

The brief called for a stand that could adapt to the many uses of the site. These include the home to Leinster rugby during the winter season, the annual horse show in the summer, while also being a facility for concerts and events throughout the year.

Grimshaw's proposal for the stand is a significant improvement to the previous Anglesea Stand, providing superior views across the main arena, and with a substantial investment in its public facilities which will enable RDS to continue in its growth.

The proposal will improve connectivity between the north and the south of the site by allowing a great amount of permeability across the immediate development site as well as through the structure of the grandstand building itself.

The site's new connectivity allows for the creation of two important new public spaces at either end of the development; the Anglesea Plaza to the west of the stand, which will become a lively focal point for the site's social activities; and the New Pocket, a generous space extension over the existing Pocket for staging of the Horse Show competitions.

Dublin, Ireland

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