Al Farjan Recreational Sports Facilities   Doha, Qatar

Highlighting the importance and pleasure of playing sports, this competitively selected design, funded by the Qatar Olympic Committee, proposes quality sports fields and playgrounds for local communities.

The multipurpose programme gives high-grade playing grounds for football, volleyball, basketball and handball, offering an enriching place for the neighbourhood.

A central social hub with café and an adjacent playground for children provides a welcoming place for all to gather and enjoy. A tensile fabric canopy spans across this area to protect onlookers.

Giving relief from the intense solar heat of the climate it also references the shape of Qatar’s native desert flowers.

The embedded playgrounds and seating also mimic Qatari landscapes of desert dunes. The design takes the form of a kit of parts, which can be arranged in different configurations and at different scales, depending on the location.

Rather than simply providing amenity, the project promotes the significance of different types of sports and the social functions they encompass, as well as encouraging athletic excellence.

Doha, Qatar

Project Type
Sports →

Qatar Olympic Committee

37,500 sq m