Washington DC Union Station Concourse Modernisation   District of Columbia, USA

Widely recognised for its handsome Classical and Beaux-Arts structure, Union Station marks Washington’s key transport nexus, including links to long-distance, intercity and regional trains, as well as the subway network and bus connections.

Part of a wider and far-reaching master plan development for the station, the significant concourse upgrade introduces almost 1,860 sq m of new passenger space.

The project gives well planned paths for circulation, clear wayfinding and efficient interchanges between various modes of transport, as well as renewed amenities for retail and refreshment.

Addressing all aspects of concourse functions, the scheme also includes upgraded boarding gates, seating and a passenger lounge to support smooth, comfortable journeys for its more than 40 million passengers each year.

Unified by a bright, naturally lit ceiling and the large, open plan, the concourse gives excellent lines of sight and makes contemporary reference to the sky lit vault of its historic precedent.

The project caters to rising passenger numbers with improvements that revive the heroic spirit of Daniel Burnham’s monument to travel while continuing Washington’s cultural, political and business growth.

District of Columbia, USA

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