The Elizabeth line: line-wide design   London, UK

Underpinning passengers’ positive experience of the new Elizabeth Line network, a consortium of Atkins, Grimshaw, GIA Equation and Maynard has created a suite of interior finishes for stations and tunnels that includes elements for cladding, flooring, platform screens, seating, wayfinding and lighting.

Drawing on the expertise of its multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers and product designers, the Elizabeth Line components introduce a consistent look and feel to the central London stations. The design of the range takes into consideration how qualities of light, tactility, sight and sound affect everyone’s journey, pairing the impact of passenger experience with practical concerns for optimum performance and maintenance.

Together, this has shaped a range of components that are integrated within the fabric of the Elizabeth Line and give passengers a coherent, intuitive way to pass through the environment.

The line-wide components offer economies of scale and the advantages of modern manufacturing while their robust, self-finished materials ensure longevity. The separation of ‘technology elements’ allows flexibility for the stations to evolve, providing a smooth and uncluttered canvas for the 200 million passengers expected each year.

Commonality is central to the line-wide design for the Elizabeth line, creating a seemingly effortless travel environment that is intuitive, safe, accessible, and enjoyable.

A life size mock-up of an Elizabeth Line platform was used to extensively test the architectural components of a platform including its materials, wayfinding and lighting.

London, UK

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