Brightline West   Las Vegas, Nevada and Southern California, USA

Brightline West is a 218-mile high-speed rail system that will initiate the next generation of transportation in the United States by connecting Las Vegas and Southern California with trains capable of speeds of 186 miles per hour.

With four key stations in Las Vegas, Rancho Cucamonga, Hesperia, and Victor Valley, the system will transform the way in which people travel by providing a legitimate alternative to car and air travel with a high-speed rail system that drastically reduces carbon emissions.

Las Vegas Station

The Las Vegas Station will be on a highly visible and accessible site that is approximately five miles from the Las Vegas strip and just under two miles from Harry Reid International Airport. The station is envisioned as an extension of the desert landscape and will sit approximately at the current elevation of the “arroyo” that will function as a sunken linear park creating a central feature of the station and future onsite development.

The Rancho Cucamonga Station will act as a gateway to the Brightline service for the Southern California region. Designed as an intermodal hub, Rancho Cucamonga will accommodate a variety of transportation methods, including personal vehicles, ride shares, Brightline+ shuttle service, and direct connection to the San Bernadino Metrolink line.

Rancho Cucamonga Station

The Victor Valley Station will be an intermediate stop between the Rancho Cucamonga and Las Vegas stations. It will feature a canopy that is conceived as a lightweight, sculptural volume to provide shade, weather protection, and a highly visible station identity from the adjacent I-15. The design of Victor Valley embraces the vast open spaces of the Mojave Desert manifesting as a sculpted piece of land art, with the surrounding terrain manipulated to define and cradle the building.

Billed as the “greenest bullet train in the world,” the fully electric, emission-free system will be one of the greenest forms of transportation in the U.S., removing 3 million cars and 400,000 tons of CO2 each year. Brightline West is scheduled for completion in time for the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.

Las Vegas Station

Las Vegas, Nevada and Southern California, USA

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