Waterloo Master Plan   London, UK

Commissioned in 2022 by the London Borough of Lambeth and Network Rail, this plan will set the vision for the transformation of Waterloo station – the busiest transport hub in the UK – and its surrounding area.

The master plan will develop a cohesive programme which will enhance the experience of the 100 million passengers that pass through the station each year, with the regeneration of the surrounding public realm benefiting the experience of residents, local businesses, stakeholders, and the wider local community.

The rich commercial and cultural history of the area, and renewed connections to London’s Southbank, The Cut, Waterloo Road, Lower Marsh, and Leake Street will be incorporated into the master plan. 

It will also support Lambeth’s commitment to a sustainable future for London and target of achieving Net Zero by 2030: providing new routes for walking and cycling alongside the enhancement of existing routes, offering an incentive for sustainable and active travel, enhancing road safety, and reducing reliance on private vehicle journeys. 

The master plan comes at a critical moment in the future of London. Infrastructure not only needs to connect people and communities economically and socially but also has a greater responsibility to create a more equitable, mobile, and sustainable future.

London, UK

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London Borough of Lambeth, Network Rail