Hammersmith Town Centre Master Plan   London, UK

Commissioned by Hammersmith and Fulham Council to propose a strategy for this key growth area, Grimshaw’s master plan for Hammersmith Town Centre identifies opportunity sites, strategies for public realm improvements and connectivity, increased diversity in land-use, healthier street environments and accommodation of additional space for 2,800 new homes and 10,000 new jobs.

The plan will inform the council’s new Supplementary Planning Framework (SPD) to guide future development. The ambition of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, as the key stakeholders for Hammersmith Town Centre, is to activate positive change, fulfil potential, and enliven the town centre. Achieving excellent regeneration and transport outcomes, creating opportunities for development to balance the growing employment and residential needs of the borough, and providing a revitalised and connected town centre for the community are essential facets of the project.

It delivers positive growth and regeneration outcomes that channel inward investment to reclaim public space for pedestrians, create places of heritage and distinction and improve connectivity, wayfinding, and legibility. The design will also create vibrant and diverse ground plane activation, harnessing the opportunity that strong transport links bring.

It restores the heart of Hammersmith by creating a series of open spaces, links, and land uses that bring focus back to the centre. It also strengthens the identity of the town centre by bringing existing heritage features, cultural destinations, and characteristics of place to the fore. Improvement to the public realm provides a positive pedestrian environment, coupled with abundant green space and improved settings for existing cultural and heritage assets.

The vision has been shaped through extensive consultation with the Hammersmith Resident’s Working Party, who have contributed greatly to the master plan and its detailed proposals.

The vision for the Hammersmith Regeneration Area focusses on promoting healthy lifestyles for people, healthy streets, and sustainable growth in a setting which celebrates its unique character and heritage.

London, UK

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