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The Peak is an affordable and sustainable compact-home series designed for Nestd, a social enterprise of Kids Under Cover which works to prevent youth homelessness.

100% of the profit from every home sold by Nestd is directed back into Kids Under Cover's charitable work, which Grimshaw first supported with MySpace, a cubby house the practice designed and built for the organisation’s 2017 Cubby House Challenge.

As one of the home series on offer through the enterprise, The Peak is Nestd’s premium option, with innovative interior planning and a contemporary exterior aesthetic to suit a range of lifestyle settings, including off grid.

The modular design can be adapted to suit the specific needs of a site, while the structure, walls, floors and ceiling comprise sustainably sourced timber.

Designed to suit a range of uses, the current series includes enhanced designs for Peak 1 and 2, and three-bedroom and four-bedroom options with the addition of Peak 3 and Peak 4. These four designs, as standalone or multiple and even connected homes, cater for a range of living options including private dwelling, Airbnb and holiday accommodation, and worker housing to support tourism and hospitality.

The Peak 1 is the most compact of Grimshaw’s affordable and sustainable homes designed for Nestd, The modular home occupies a 40m2 footprint with a kitchen and living area, bedroom, bathroom and integrated laundry and storage across one level.

Its double-height entrance is punctuated with large, glazed panels to optimise the sense of space and allow an abundance of natural light into the interior. Natural timber finishes and recessed strip lighting add to The Peak’s calm and welcoming atmosphere and contemporary aesthetic.

The open plan living area is designed to optimise the space, with integrated storage solutions including an optional overhead storage above the kitchen. The bathroom includes an integrated laundry and provides dual connection from the living area and bedroom, allowing for both comfort and privacy.

The Peak 2 is an amplification of the smart, compact living on offer with The Peak 1 with the low-carbon design and contemporary aesthetic realised across two levels and a slightly increased footprint of 45m2.

An additional bedroom, ensuite, extensive storage cupboards, and an external winter garden balcony occupy the second level while a double height living space enhances the sense of space and comfort.

We are delighted to be working with world leading architects, Grimshaw to deliver a sustainable, stylish and affordable compact home which also invests in the lives of young people.

Kieran Callen, former General Manager, Nestd™

In mid 2023, the series was expanded to include Peak 3 and Peak 4 which offer opportunities to scale the product, enabling The Peak homes to be stitched or clustered together to create larger format dwellings.

Peak 3 offers a three-bedroom option and a more spacious abode with increased storage and open plan living, dining and kitchen area, and dedicated laundry.

The building is a striking and harmonious form with a double-peak roof expressing the home’s modular design. Large-glazed openings extend across the living areas, allowing an abundance of natural light into the hub of the home. Inside, timber finishes, recessed lighting and a minimal colour palette create a calm and welcoming atmosphere which The Peak series is noted for.

Peak 4 is a four-bedroom two-level dwelling within a 99m2 footprint. Its two distinct roof peaks speak to the form of the compact home series while working to optimise the sense of space and light within the connecting modules.

With more space, Peak 4 allows larger living groups to come together. Just as importantly, the thoughtfully planned interior of Peak 4 also allows for privacy, retreat and focus, with Two winter garden balconies add to the sanctuary feel of Peak 4 and its appeal for intergenerational and flexible holiday accommodation.

This carefully designed tiny home, and Nestd’s wider offering, respond to the current demand for higher-density housing, and at the same time tap into a growing openness to the sharing economy and conscientious living. This collaboration is an eagerly-searched-for shining light… of the dual-beam variety. It’s a wonderful option for anyone struggling to secure a home amid Australia’s housing crisis, and also a product funding brilliant work that is improving our society!

Elle Murrell, Managing Editor, The Design Files

We’ve designed the project with much consideration and care for those who may call The Peak home, and we’re delighted our work will help raise money to support young people who are at risk of homelessness.

Matthew Hutton, Associate Principal, Grimshaw

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"This little house is founded on the principles of sustainability, affordability and humanity. It packs a huge punch. It’s a little pocket rocket full of great design ideas."

Peter Culquhuon, Presenter, Australia By Design: Architecture


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