Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Hotel   Doha, Qatar

Imparting a luxurious, contemporary feel to public spaces and guest rooms of the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel, this scheme upgrades the existing facilities to give visitors a series of inviting, intimate places to gather and linger.

Retaining the original structure, the project reinstates the unique triangular space of the main lobby. Its soaring pyramidal atrium is enhanced by the judicious addition of natural light: a central skylight introduces filtered daylight into the space, highlighted by a glistening suspended sculpture of cut and polished glass, and light refracted from water features.

Reconfigured guest rooms create simple, elegant places to rest. Formed of contiguous yet defined areas for bedroom, bathroom and living areas, each suite has magnificent views, framed by windows that introduce generous levels of natural light. Detailed additions, such as fine timber louvres, glazed and leather clad millwork and subtle changes in level, sculpt the zones without disturbing its open, airy ambience.

The upgrade is designed for minimum disruption to guests and facilities yet gives a significantly improved environment.

Doha, Qatar

Project Type
Living →

50,000 sqm