Atelio Modular Housing System

Atelio is a series of modular homes built from cutting edge, recyclable materials and technology with a rapid turnaround. Each home can be designed and shaped by the homeowner, creating a new connection with their surroundings and a community development that provides a sense of space and freedom.

The system, developed as a collaboration Grimshaw, SAM Architects, manufacturer Tufeco, and the Carbon Free Group, enables homeowners, developers and investors alike to create an ideal affordable living environment shaped to suit their needs.

Atelio provides a diverse set of configurations using pre-fabricated panels connected along a grid-like system, and its modular nature means each home is future proofed and expandable, with a discreet central service column passing through the heart of the house, joining subterranean heat creation and storage systems to the floor. Energy-positive design and innovation in materials provides a lower cost of living and a recycle-reuse lifecycle for every Atelio home.

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Associate Architect
SAM Architects / Tufeco / The Carbon Free Group