338 Pitt Street   Sydney, Australia

338 Pitt Street offers a unique opportunity for the holistic redevelopment of a significant city block within the Sydney CBD. This development aims to act as a catalyst project to promote the revitalisation of the ‘midtown precinct’ of the CBD. Our proposal for the residential and hotel within the tower aims to deliver an innovative form and contribution to the Sydney CBD skyline, capitalising on the abundant solar access for potential residential apartments whilst managing overshadowing impacts on significant public spaces in the vicinity of the site.

Located within the vicinity of a number of locally listed heritage properties, the proposal seeks to reference and promote the midtown precinct and draw inspiration from the public realm like the steps and building setback of the Downing Centre and Mark Foys. Our agenda for the tower begins with a reflection on the objects and places of our experience and the intangible or felt perception that arises from its personal engagement. Corresponding to that, the stringency of urban design considers the city from a scenographic sensibility codified with through associations to contextual expression, climatic impact, and scales of dimensions both human and urban.

The tower assembles a layering of off-set platforms, creating corners and an array of diverse open spaces with filtered light, and a simplicity of form, colour and materiality designed for people desiring the interrelationship between place, landscape and residence. The site is inscribed with an ensemble of bounding and inhabited walls, resulting in distinctive urban definition, a restoring continuation of the grand streets, and a sequence of connections woven in to the human experiences of arrival, entry, commune, and habit.

It is architecture that gives an order to the varying scales of experience and invites intersection between the cultures from the city and those visiting. We propose of place of openness, a porous and loose urbanism that considers memory, identity and contemporaneity. It is to live within an architecture of ephemeral temporality, that gives beauty in experience at all scales of interaction.

Sydney, Australia

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338 Pitt Street



Associate Architect
Smart Design Studio, panovscott