D-Tec Prefabricated Health Facilities , USA

Grimshaw is pleased to announce the D-Tec suite of prefabricated health facilities created in partnership with SG Blocks and Osang Healthcare for on-site immediate Covid-19 testing. The deployable technology line upcycles disused shipping containers as a foundation for a sturdy and sustainable solution to mass testing needs. D-Tec is being launched in its first iteration to rapidly respond to the needs that the Covid-19 pandemic has created for scalable, easy-to-assemble facilities that can be deployed and relocated on short notice. Prioritizing the mental health and wellbeing of patients and medical professionals alike, the design for the D-Tec suite aims to provide a safe, efficient environment for testing collection and onsite deployable laboratory analysis.

The first prototypes are designed to facilitate a safe screening protocol while serving the greatest number of patients possible. Medical staff are inside the facility, separated from patients who approach the exterior. Testing can be done without contact between staff and patient.

An additional walk-up window allows patients to ask questions or follow up without interrupting the testing bays. Processing of samples is done within the facility in a properly equipped laboratory environment. This facility can deliver highly accurate test results in approximately three hours.

Drawing on Grimshaw’s modular construction expertise, the shipping container units can be easily deployed and configured into different typologies depending on the desired application. Single and multi-unit typologies can accommodate standalone testing sites for sample collections, or sample collection units combined with a laboratory, or even sample collection units with a full-scale medical clinic created out of multiple container units.

The walk-in medical clinics can offer face-to-face screening and healthcare administration. The simplicity and duplication of the fabrication needs for each module expedites commission and delivery.

At the heart of Grimshaw’s sustainability mission is to go beyond net zero carbon commitments and deliver uplifting design that is progressive and meaningful. Human health and wellbeing are inextricably linked to the health of the environment. The D-Tec suite provides a high-quality healthcare environment where people can feel safe and secure. The design provides ample space for social distancing, access to hand-washing stations and a purified air system so medical professionals and patients can be confident their health and wellbeing is protected throughout their visit.

“Grimshaw’s commitment to human centric design combined with Osang’s extremely accurate tests will enable SG Blocks to create turnkey testing facilities throughout the USA to provide access to the greatest number of people without compromising the needs of staff or users. We can think of no better partners to help supplement the existing health care system.”

Paul Galvin, Chairman and CEO of SG Blocks Inc.

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