Seafarers Bridge   Yarra, Melbourne, Australia

Creating a connection between Melbourne’s north and south banks, the Seafarer’s Bridge spans the western section of the city’s Yarra River.

The bridge is informed by its surrounding maritime heritage, proximate to the Polly Woodside clipper anchored along the south bank, and the Mission to Seafarers on the north.

Angled slightly shy of 90 degrees, the bridge takes its structural point of reference from the sail rig of a Chinese junk. Similarly, it is formed of compression arches arranged in two groups – three small arches to the north, and four to the south.

This cluster of structures creates a processional crescendo that rises towards the Plenary Hall of the Melbourne Convention Centre, drawing visitors into the heart of that complex. The bridge deck glides through the cradling structure and is imagined as a wing, lightly arching between the riverbanks with a profiled soffit and glass balustrades.

Taking its name from the historic Mission, the bridge has become a popular link between the Docklands and Melbourne’s Southbank.

Yarra, Melbourne, Australia

Project Type
Infrastructure →

Multiplex / Winward Structures

1560 sq m



M Chadwick