Newport City Footbridge   Newport, South Wales, UK

Gracefully arching over the River Usk and part of the Severn’s estuary tidal system, the Newport Bridge creates a dramatic, identifiable structure and a much-needed pedestrian–cycle link between the east bank and the city centre.

The striking A-frame elements of the bridge on the east are formed of two pairs of tapered tubular steel masts that support a 145-metre-long aluminium deck from the west. Formed of five elements that correspond to the cable stay pattern overhead, the deck transfers loads to ground level through two cables, each 120 mm in diameter, which act as stays for the tall masts.

All components were pre-fabricated and assembled, allowing the bridge to be erected in just over one week. The crane-like masts recall the river’s history of commercial trading wharves and allow the deck to float 4.1 m above the mean tide level – a significant consideration for the great tidal fluctuations of this body of water. Mass dampers to masts and deck mitigate undue movement and are the result of extensive vibration analysis to ensure public safety.

This simple transport connection is significant as Newport’s first important public project – a physical link that has successfully contributed to the city’s regeneration.

Newport, South Wales, UK

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Newport Unlimited

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Edmund Sumner/View, Ken Price