Financial Times Printworks   Docklands, London, UK

Following the Financial Times’ relocation from Fleet Street to London’s Docklands in 1988 and the paper’s acquisition of two new state-of-the-art printing presses, this facility was purpose-built to accommodate the presses – and to anticipate future changes in newspaper production.


The project is a clear statement of its internal arrangement and is organised in a linear structure that mirrors the activity of the printing presses within. The 14,000 sq m open-plan building is arranged into two zones on either side of the central service spine.

Until the Printworks was decommissioned, its north façade exposed the workings of the presses within, revealed by a 96 m glazed façade developed especially for the project.

Composed of a frameless structural glazing system, the screen was complemented by a bespoke panel system in remaining areas of the building formed of super-plastic aluminium.

Designed within a 12 month period, the Printworks has since undergone successful changes in function and now houses an internet switching centre.

Its innovative design has been celebrated with nine architectural awards, including the Royal Fine Art Commission’s ‘Building of the Year’.

Docklands, London, UK

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Financial Times / St Clements Press



Jo Reid & John Peck