East End Studios   Los Angeles, California, USA

Repurposing a former industrial site in the Arts District of Los Angeles, East End Studios is a new development of film studios and creative workplace that will revitalize this 15-acre location and bring over 1,000 jobs to the area. A multi-level scheme allows vehicular traffic and sets to flow unimpeded on the ground with office workers occupying spaces safely above, which maximizes the functionality at the Base Camp, Mills, and Studio Support spaces.

“The new development for East End Studios is just steps from our own studio in the Arts District. We are thrilled to have this chance to shape our neighborhood and create a vibrant space for the film production industry within our community.”

Andrew Byrne, Partner of Grimshaw’s LA studio

Responding to its location and context, East End Studio moves away from the traditional studio layout to create a stacked campus that contributes to porosity and connectivity with the adjacent downtown neighborhood. The high facades demanded of traditional studio production sites have been tempered and integrated into the surrounding streetscape by breaking down the large building modules, creating moments of activation, and offering public amenities and landscaping.

At street level, Base Camp is connected to campus facilities in a contained manner that allows logistical access where trucks, equipment, and actors’ trailers can move safely between the soundstages and production areas. Elevated above the ground level, the creative workplaces provide 300,000 square feet of office space serving an additional 300,000 square feet across 16 soundstages and 70,0000 square feet of production support space. Outdoor amenity decks and rooftop event spaces provide visual and physical connections between production office workers, Base Camp activities and views of downtown Los Angeles.

East End Studios adeptly demonstrates a new generation of film production studios located within urban cores that are designed to complement and enhance the communities in which they are located.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Project Type
Industry →

Landscape Architect:
Studio MLA 

Structural Engineers:
Holmes, Englekirk

MEP Engineers:

Civil Engineers:

Project Managers and Cost Consultants:
Gardiner & Theobald

East End Studios