Burri Airport Information Signage System   Zurich, Switzerland

Grimshaw designed the new airside and landside centres at Zurich Airport → in 2001, and partnered with Burri to develop a bespoke information display system that would permeate the airport. The brief was for a bold, clear, practical and internationally understandable wayfinding solution.

The resulting system, manufactured by Burri, is a slim, elegant signage system that incorporates Burri’s doublesided patented slim edge-illumination technology. The double -sided design allows for simple access for the replacement of both lamps and signs.

The sign graphics are produced using vinyl technology,making signs simple to update and maintain as the airport changes.

The design of the profiles allows the sign to be suspended or cantilevered with concealed through wiring enabling further signs to be added with out the need to install additional cables, creating a slick and seamless appearance.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Project Type
Industrial Design →

Unique, Flughafen Zurich AG



Edmund Sumner / VIEW, Ralph Bensberg