The St Botolph Building Louvres   London, UK

As a major development for the City of London the St Botolph Building exudes cutting edge technology and contemporary architecture from the moment you step inside. With a dramatic 13-storey central atrium, the building's key Industrial Design elements are granted pride of place and create a truly high-tech feel.

A unique internal louvred solution for the reception and circulation areas are emblematic of the high-tech office design aesthetic throughout the building. Designed alongside Levolux, 1,750 vertical extruded aluminium lovures adorn the walls and form a balustrade on the first floor, running alongside eight escalators.

Each louvre incorporates LED lighting at the top and bottom position, as well as a serrated diffuser which distributes light along the length of each individual piece. The joint effect of the lighting along the walls is an ultra-modern 'beam' which bathes the area in light.

London, UK

Project Type
Industrial Design →

Minerva plc

48775 sq m



Hufton + Crow