Prototype Smart Cities Bus Shelter

Grimshaw has designed a new series of tech-enabled bus shelters and advertising totems. Designed as a kit-of-parts with a simple and refined aesthetic, the smart bus shelters integrate digital screens for advertising, wayfinding and real-time travel information; sensors to monitor air quality, noise, footfall and traffic; lighting and public WiFi.

Hard-wearing and robust materials are used throughout to ensure durability, while a ‘loose-fit, plug-and-play’ approach to technology supports longevity by allowing equipment to be easily upgraded in the future. The form and material selection create a visual identity that sits sympathetically throughout diverse local environments.

Technology is consolidated to one end of the shelters which maximises the transparency of the wall and roof glazing. This provides natural light, allows greater surveillance from all sides to discourage anti-social behaviour while reducing the structure’s physical footprint. The freestanding, two-sided advertising totem declutters the overall aesthetic by removing the need for extensive paper signage and can be placed flexibly according to varying site conditions. Integrated CCTV further improves safety and imparts a sense of security for passengers.

Gathering real-time travel data, the assets can support communities in monitoring and strategically planning travel infrastructure to benefit the urban realm and people in their location. Additionally, by providing a wider network of air and noise pollution sensors, a more granular analysis of the causes and levels of pollution can be carried out and actioned upon in the future.

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VALO Smart City Corporation