Paddington Station Passenger Information Display Systems   London, UK

Paddington Station is one of the most important early Victorian railway stations in Britain and Grimshaw’s masterplan for its redevelopment enhances passengers’ journeys through the grand, cathedral-like space. The challenge was to transform the passenger's journey along the concourses and the main hall, and to create a dissipated network of instantly accessible information.

In response, mounted plasma screens were engineered and installed at key points of the terminal. These sleek points for public information formed of flat plasma screen monitors are orientated in parallel with the main station vaults, providing train operators and railway authorities a surface that can display real-time and targeted information, which is instantly accessible to customers at key points on the concourse.

Instead of designing a one-off product, Grimshaw worked to design and engineer an aluminium and stainless steel display enclosure and mounting system for the first major application of flat screen plasma display technology in the global railway market.

The modular systems are easily repairable and were designed with the ability to upgrade technology at a later time, thanks to a set of easily replicable modular parts

Made of highly engineered bespoke components, the system meets international standards for protection from water and dust and the latest generation of ultra-thin glass plasma screens gives a brightness, clarity and robustness lacking in older technologies.

With Standardised components, set areas for information and fixing points for equipment and cables, the mast offers functionality, flexibility to adapt to its surroundings, and a controlled aesthetic.

London, UK

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