Herman Miller Factory: Architectural Systems   Bath, UK

Grimshaw’s pioneering project for Herman Miller is this industrial unit situated on the River Avon that provided the company with a flexible layout and improved staff amenities, while also reflecting the sensitive historic context.

Its primary and secondary beam structure is arranged according to a 10 x 20 m grid, offering large, unencumbered spaces that are equally suitable for storage and manufacturing. The completely demountable cladding system illustrates the application of new industrial developments in architecture.

Formed of a grid of rectangular hollow sections, each grid holds glass, fiberglass or louvred panels, fixed with aluminium sections and neoprene gaskets. The ease of installation allows for simple interchanges between panels that are effortlessly undertaken by maintenance personnel.

Alongside the inventive cladding system, energy conservation was carefully considered. The low wall–floor ratio of 1:30 combined with high insulation of the roof contributed to its low running costs.

Bath, UK

Project Type
Industrial Design →

Herman Miller ltd

6,320 sq m / 68,028 sq ft



Michael Dyer/ John Donat