Elizabeth line Industrial Design   London, UK

For the Elizabeth Line project Grimshaw designed, in collaboration with Atkins, GIA Equation and Maynard, a suite of linewide industrial design products. These components provide a consistent identity to the new Elizabeth line and they are all designed to optimise passenger comfort, easy wayfinding and low maintenance.


Where the tunnel cladding is kept clean and uncluttered, highly serviced components have been separated and grouped into easily maintainable ‘technology elements’ such as the platform edge screen, totems and escalators.

All materials in the architectural components from glass and stainless steel to specially modified softwood were chosen for their durability and self-finish, with many designed as a kit-of-parts.

 Prototyping throughout the design stage, as part of a line wide approach, has been key in refining and enhancing the design of the components.

Regular materials testing, early engagement with manufacturers and ergonomic user-group testing has ensured a high standard of products are delivered as part of the architectural components package.

The Elizabeth Line signage totems → incorporate lighting, speakers, signage and communications equipment. They provide indirect lighting in the lower concourse spaces where people orientate themselves, contrasted by the cooler direct lighting in transit spaces such as the cross passages.

Additionally, a series of low-maintenance, high durability benches → have been developed for the line-wide component set, with timber and stainless steel variants being rolled out across the Elizabeth line stations.

London, UK

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Industrial Design →