City of Sydney Street Furniture   Sydney, Australia

More than 300 new architect-designed bus shelters revitalise the streets of Sydney as part of the City of Sydney Street furniture upgrade.

The new public infrastructure, designed by Grimshaw architects, improves the urban experience by offering more protection, increased accessibility, and a high-level of comfort to commuters.

The bus shelters form part of a distinctive and elegant street furniture ensemble, all designed by Grimshaw architects, that gives service and amenity to Sydney’s urban and public realm, contributing to a vision of Sydney that is more inviting and inclusive for all.

New kiosks activate the public-realm along with accessible automatic toilets, doubling the amount previously installed and stretching the street furniture ensemble from Circular Quay to Alexandria, and Surry Hills to the inner-west. 

The modular design of the bus shelters maximises footpath access and increases shelter for Sydney residents and visitors to the city. A distinct feature is the thermal glass roofs that reduce sun exposure in Sydney’s warm climate, improving the overall transit experience. 

Defined as instruments of personal interface, this human infrastructure project is based upon the reduction of the furniture elements to a series of modular components that are interchangeable, upgradable, recyclable, and maintainable. The ensembles are intended to have high levels of adaptability to locational context to achieve high levels of environmental amenity and resilience, and to minimal intervene in a variety of place settings from heritage to landscape, street to square, harbour to city.


“Our aim was to create a distinctive and elegant ensemble of street furniture that gives service and amenity to Sydney’s streets, its parks and the public realm. This design affirms Sydney’s standing as a progressive and citizen-oriented city with continued investment in public infrastructure. The design is digitally enhanced, resolved to place, heritage and the natural landscape, and has an enduring materiality and resilience. A design that is unique to Sydney.”

Grimshaw managing partner, Andrew Cortese.

Sydney, Australia

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