Burri Stainless Steel Barrier Bollard

Collaboration is at the heart of Grimshaw’s Industrial Design offering, and the removable Stainless Steel Bollard, developed in partnership with BURRI as part of its World Designer Collection, is a prime example.

Pairing BURRI’s expertise in metal construction with Grimshaw’s decades of finely honed design excellence, the removable Stainless Steel Bollard is an intelligent barrier solution that exceeds the rigorous demands of a traffic prevention system, and yet has low repair costs and can be modified or removed in response to use case demand.

The predetermined breaking points on the bollard mean that in the event of long-term wear and tear and damage, the bollard can be removed and replaced without the cost associated with reinstalling the foundations of a permanently installed bollard. If struck by a weight exceeding 500 k/m2, three custom designed screws will break and allow a new bollard to be installed in a simple fitting process.

This breaking point system means the bollard is configurable to any given need. If a bollard needs to be temporarily removed it is possible to do so via a series of movements actionable by hand, and this additionally means it can be interchanged with another of BURRI’s Public Elements range thanks to the compatible ground sleeve.

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