BURRI GEKKO Magnetic Mounting System

From airport seating to fixtures and wayfinding, Grimshaw’s Industrial Design unit has crafted the GEKKO magnet series to be effective in all manner of situations. The newest collaboration with BURRI is a follow up to previous projects involving airport signage → and removable bollards →, and the result is a solution for temporary fixtures or more permanent fixings that won’t damage the surface they are adhering to.

GEKKO is a series of magnets that attach objects to surfaces without any drilling, and with the help of an Allen key a single person can effortlessly attach and remove the magnets with the fastening area confined to the interior. The magnets have an adhesive force of up to 250kg with a family of sizes that work best when securely fixing objects to magnetic metallic walls or ceilings; perfect for most aviation environments.

GEKKO works with a range of wayfinding elements and services including: signage, cameras, screens, lighting, cable guides, seating, waste systems and speakers.

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“We are proud to have worked with Grimshaw on different product ranges over many years. Their Industrial Design unit supported our team during the product development of GEKKO in many ways, with a collaboration based on a mutual trust and creative cooperation. Both companies share the same understanding of design and a precise eye for detail.”

​Martin Burri, President of the Board and Head Design and Development at BURRI

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