Aerogenerator X   London, UK

Offering a powerful, economical alternative for offshore wind turbines with a vertical axis, the Aerogenerator X visualised by Grimshaw improves on the reliability, safety and cost savings of its conventional counterparts.


Standing just 100 m tall – half the height of equivalent horizontal-axis turbines – the design avoids the expense associated with tower installation and maintenance. Its V-shaped aerodynamic sail wings provide the thrust and rotate in a motion that mimics a falling sycamore seed. This rotation produces 10MW of power, which is three times greater than current conventional alternatives.

The gearbox, control system and generator are located at the base of the unit, which creates a low centre of gravity.

This arrangement is structurally advantageous, easier to service, and allows for use in deep water far offshore, where winds are twice as strong as those onshore.

There are two variations of the Aerogenerator concept for both onshore and offshore application. The onshore concept is reduced in size compared to the offshore vision, making it more flexible for land use.

Aerogenerator X solves many of the problems that increase the capital costs of super-sized turbines. Its sound commercial and structural logic offers significant potential to meet renewable energy targets through offshore wind power.

London, UK

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Wind Power Limited

130m high x 270m



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