Frankfurt Forecourt Master Plan   Frankfurt, Germany

Creating a coherent and revitalising welcome to travellers at Frankfurt’s Terminal 1, this master plan rationalises the existing confused traffic flows, introduces light, spacious routes for passengers and brings greenery into a highly urban environment.


The concept creates a large, central pedestrianized space supplemented by amenities along its length, which replaces the present kilometer-long strip of disorganised private and public transportation. Giving respite from traffic noise and fumes, the public ‘island’ is flanked by controlled flows of mixed-mode transport on each side.

Below the forecourt, links to retail and railway connections are clearly organised for ease of access; overhead, travellers pass across elevated bridges that connect to arrivals and departures.

A two-storey-high canopy protects the entire forecourt, its delicate, polygonal panels filter daylight into the space, allowing fresh air to circulate and providing shelter from weather. A large living wall in the forecourt and dense planting at its extremities, forming a connection to the surrounding forest.

As a passenger’s first and last impression of an airport, the rejuvenated forecourt is a fitting response to one of the largest transport hubs in Europe.

Two stories of densely packed mixed-mode traffic sit above a retail concourse, itself arranged over a local rail station, nestled amongst the surrounding landscape.

Given the importance of the forecourt in defining a passenger’s first and last impression of the airport, the design strives to create an environment that inspires its users, and which the client and passengers alike can be proud of.

Andrew Thomas, Partner, Grimshaw

Frankfurt, Germany

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50,000 sq m