University of Florida, Herbert Wertheim Laboratory for Engineering Excellence   Gainesville, FL, USA

The Herbert Wertheim Laboratory for Engineering Excellence is a state-of-the-art research and educational environment, bringing together faculty, undergraduates and graduates in cross-disciplinary ‘collision spaces’ that compel collaboration and innovation. The facility is designed for experiential team-based and problem-based learning, co-locating various departments and institutes of the College of Engineering, amongst them the Computer Engineering department, the Florida Engineering Experiment Station, the Engineering Innovation Institute and the Engineering Leadership Institute.

Both a major point of intersection for the various engineering disciplines and a building that is centrally located on campus in close proximity to the student union, Wertheim Laboratory provides the University with a striking, first-class image to current and prospective faculty, staff and students, as well as visiting faculty, alumni and private industry partners.

Grimshaw collaborated closely with laboratory planning partner EYP to develop a range of state-of-the-art labs, including biotech labs that support research into cancer, cardiovascular and muscular system disorders and neurodegenerative diseases; prototyping labs, which enable hands-on education and fabrication; and a telepresence facility, probing the future of communications and networking. In addition, the facility includes offices, student and faculty meeting areas, necessary support functions and a range of informal breakout and collaboration spaces.

Grimshaw’s design aims to evoke the character of the various program elements and the college itself. This expansive approach allowed for the creation of an inspiring and comfortable environment that has a sense of place, character and human scale appropriate to a building that will be geared towards expanding the potential of the research and academic mission of the College of Engineering.

The new flagship for the University’s engineering ambitions, Wertheim Laboratory will help the University spur additional funding for research, strengthen industry connections, propel new start-ups and attract and retain the brightest talent.

Gainesville, FL, USA

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University of Florida

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