The Curragh Racecourse   Kildare, Ireland

The Wicklow Mountains and the Curragh plains – one of Europe’s oldest natural grasslands – frame Ireland’s preeminent racecourse, the Curragh, which leads the region’s prestigious reputation for breeding and racing thoroughbred bloodstock.

Grimshaw’s design redevelops the renowned Irish venue with a master plan that provides world-class facilities while respecting the unique landscape that gives the Curragh its identity.

Marked out by a soaring linear roof, the new grandstand builds up the anticipation of race day by bringing spectators together in one exemplary viewing terrace that directs attention to the spectacle of jockeys and horses.

Surrounding the central building, all public spaces, refreshment areas and the proposed Racing Museum are interconnected with well-organised, open circulation that creates continuity between events, the parkland setting and social gatherings.

Including essential functions for racing thoroughbreds, the master plan acts in harmony with the environment. At the same time, the project cultivates the sense of arrival, atmosphere and excitement that the Curragh has come to represent.

Kildare, Ireland

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Matt Browne / Sportsfile