YTL Arena Complex   Bristol, UK

YTL’s unique brief to us, seeks to turn three disused aircraft hangars on Bristol’s Filton Airfield into a multi-purpose live music and entertainment arena, capable of staging a variety of events, including concerts, numerous sports, theatre and comedy.

Built in the late 1940s to originally accommodate the construction of the Bristol Type 167 ‘Brabazon’ – the largest and most luxurious civil airliner of its time – the hangars would later become the assembly site for all ten UK Concorde aircrafts, revolutionising air travel for the 1970s generation.

The project will create a destination of very real significance for the city - an arena, exhibition and leisure space all under one roof. The 17,000 capacity arena, the third largest in the UK, will occupy the central hangar. The east hangar will house a festival hall tailored to accommodate conventions, exhibitions and large scale events. The west hangar provides a hub space for small, start-up creative enterprises, complete with leisure facilities, food and drink outlets.

We are working with Manica Architecture to design a progressive and adaptable facility, whilst carefully retaining the industrial spirit of the historic hangars which showcase Bristol’s engineering reputation, to provide an internationally unique venue.

Respecting the principles of sustainability inherent in adaptive reuse, YTL Arena will utilise low carbon energy sources, such as onsite battery storage, rainwater harvesting and grey water re-use.

The project sits within the larger Brabazon vision, which will transform the 380-acre Filton Airfield into a new neighbourhood with over 2,600 homes, creative workplaces and a vibrant town centre, set amongst landscaped public squares and parkland.

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“Grimshaw’s multi-disciplinary approach could really benefit this sector. They have an ability to embrace client vision and work relentlessly to push the maximum value out of the development.”

Andrew Billingham, YTL

Bristol, UK

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